Dr. Chez Hall

Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University

Dr Chez Hall completed his PhD in 2002 in the field of jet engine operation in natural wind.

After his PhDhe worked with Rolls-Royce plc in the Fan Aerodynamics group where he was responsible for developing advanced computational methods to assess engine fan stability and performance. In 2004 he started work as a Research Associate on the Silent Aircraft Initiative for the Cambridge-MIT Institute. Here he led the research effort into novel future concepts for low-noise propulsion systems. In 2005 he was appointed as a lecturer in Turbomachinery. He has since been developing research into the areas of aero-engine design for reduced emissions, engine-installation interaction and low-noise turbomachinery.

Main Research interests

New propulsion system configurations have the potential to deliver significant reductions in aircraft emissions and fuel consumption. However, there are numerous technical challenges to their development. My research is aimed at overcoming the challenges that involve turbomachinery aerodynamics.

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Compressor AerodynamicsFans and Installation EffectsTurbine Aerodynamics

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