Research Topics

Fans & Installations

The work in this area is addressing the need for the next generation of ultra-high bypass aeroengines as well as future propulsion concepts such as distributed propulsion. Topics include Fan aerodynamics and noise, installation effects, boundary layer ingestion.

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Compressor Aero

The work in this area focuses on core compressor aerodynamics for aeroengines as well as small-scale compressors for domestic appliances. Current projects cover Compressor stall and surge, endwall flows, multi-stage unsteadiness and the effects of boundary layer transition on compressor performance.

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Combustor Aerodynamics

The work in this area covers core combustor aerodynamics for aeroengines. Projects involve the research of Fuel injectors, compressor transition ducts, soot, fuel feed and increasing fuel burn efficiency.

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Turbine Aero

Work in this area includes secondary flows, secondary air systems, leakage flows, unsteady aerodynamics and the role of aerodynamics on heat transfer. Projects involve the study of high-pressure, low-pressure and intermediate pressure turbines.

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Heat Transfer & Cooling

The work in this area is focussed on the hot components within the aeroengine (such as the high-pressure turbine). Projects include the study of shrouded and shroudless turbine tip heat transfer, Ice crystals, cooling of the trailing and leading edge, film and internal cooling flow.

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