Dr. John Longley

Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University

Dr John P Longley is a Senior  Lecturer in Engineering at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

After completing his first degree in Applied Mathematics, he worked for Ruston Gas Turbines on the aerodynamic design of transonic turbines for three years.  He then returned to Cambridge University to undertake a PhD in the Engineering Department.  After spending a year at MIT working on VSTOL aerodynamic problems, he returned to the Whittle Laboratory where he now specialises in unsteady and non-uniform flow phenomena in compressors and the effects of leakage flows on mainstream aerodynamic performance. He was awarded the ASME 2009 Best paper Award for the joint work on an air-curtain over-tip seal for turbines.

Main Research interests

Flow Disturbances in High-Speed Compressors Mainstream and Stator-Shroud Leakage Flow Interaction.

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Compressor AerodynamicsTurbine Aerodynamics

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