Dr. Liping Xu

Lecturer at Cambridge University

Dr Liping Xu is a University Lecturer in Turbomachinery at University of Cambridge.

He received a Bachelor from BUAA in jet propulsion and a PhD from Cambridge while working on the base pressure problem of transonic turbine blades, under supervision of Prof. John Denton. After PhD he briefly worked for Ruston Gas Turbines in Lincoln (Now Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery) before returning to BUAA in Beijing. He returned to the Whittle Lab in the mid 90’s and now is working on a wide spectrum of problems in turbomachinery covering aerodynamics and aeroacoustic in both axial and radial compressors and turbines.

Main research interests

Next generation large civil aeroengines will feature ultra-high bypass ratio fans having high efficiency and low noise.  This moves the fan aero-acoustics design to a new parameter space which is beyond the past and the current practice. Dr. Xu is working in collaboration with Rolls Royce plc on the new TSB “NADIT” project to understand the fundamentals of such fans and to develop the technology required for the future engine development.

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Compressor AerodynamicsTurbine Aerodynamics

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