Prof. Andy Wheeler

Lecturer at Cambridge University

After obtaining my PhD on unsteady flows in compressors at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge in 2007, I worked as the Rolls-Royce Research fellow at the Osney Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Following this post, I’ve worked at Queen Mary, University of London and Southampton University as a lecturer. I moved back to Cambridge University and the Whittle Laboratory in December 2014. As well as my role as a lecturer at the Engineering Department, I am also an EPSRC Fellow and Fellow of St. John’s College.

Main Research interests

My research interests are focused on the thermofluid dynamics of turbomachines used in both aero-engine propulsion and land-based power. As part of my EPSRC Fellowship project (EP/L027437/1) I am studying how real-gas behaviour affects turbine performance, with application to the use of turbines for heat-recovery systems (such as Organic Rankine Cycles). The work is both experimental and computational. Recently I have developed a high-order code (3DNS), which is written specifically for time-accurate high-fidelity simulations (DNS/LES) of turbomachinery flows. The code is a 4th order accurate compressible Navier-Stokes solver which can also solve for real-gas (such as for Organic Rankine Cycles turbines).

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge 

Compressor AerodynamicsTurbine Aerodynamics

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